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Nutrition Coaching

EATING Designed For REAL Life.

My approach to nutrition is simple: healthy-ish and clean-ish eating, easy planning, education, and meal plans designed with a foodie in mind.

Taking a holistic and habit-based approach to nutrition, I work with you to create an customized program based on your specific needs and goals while helping you find ease in creating healthy habits and the knowledge base to live a healthy, balanced and sustainable life.

For some individuals, change can happen simply by learning the basics of what and how to fuel their body for their goals and this can be addressed in as little as one session. For others, in addition to learning these basics, learning how stress, emotions, and real life affect their choices as well as the body's physiological response can be a game changer in reaching goals. For those with greater challenges or desiring more education, a 6-session package is a solid start to eliciting lasting change. 

Let's take small steps towards big results. 

Nutrition consultation $200

60 min COACHING SESSION $150/Session

30 min COACHING SESSION $80/Session

6 pack - 60 minute coaching sessions $750

6 pack - 30 minute coaching sessions $400


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Grab the Five-Day
Meal Plan

Take control of your health, shop with purpose and gain kitchen confidence!

In this meal plan, you will receive a guide that is filled with healthy, energizing, delicious, and simple recipes organized to balance each day with the macro and micronutrients your body needs, complete with a grocery list and step-by-step plan for a healthier you. 

Online Nutrition Coaching program

lasting NUtritional change through skill building.

A 3-6 month program allowing you to break down your goals, develop skills, learn what your individual body needs, and create daily habits, that can transform your body and your life. 

Throughout the program, you will learn the basics of macronutrients, what your body needs, how certain foods affect your body and your goals, meal planning, how to incorporate mindful eating, vitamins and supplementation recommendations, and how emotions, stress and real life play a role in our nutrition choices.

For those with busy lives, you can fit your coaching in anytime that suits your personal schedule. Program lessons and assignments are delivered daily via email and your private account.

$250/month (minimum of 3 months)


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Private chef Services

Seasonal, local and designed to fuel you.

Creating a day with one less worry and giving you the freedom to prioritize the quality of your life, I prepare meals specific to your dietary needs and tastes as well as your lifestyle.



Recipe Development, Food Styling, Photography

In need of recipes and/or food photography for your website or blog? Looking for a food stylist for a photo or video shoot? Interested in opening a restaurant and seeking a chef to create a menu for you? I love exploring unique dishes and ingredients through testing recipes for fellow chefs, tweaking advanced recipes to suit home cooks and developing my own signature recipes for our various clientele, both privately and for print/publication.




Healthy Inspiration