with the exact same support as in-person, i'll push you to your limit no matter how many miles between us.

Online coaching include workouts, general nutritional guidance, virtual support, email access, and more (all based on your specific needs and requests). Each plan requires a 3 month commitment which helps us establish a solid coach-client relationship and in turn, helps you reach your goals.



Recommended if you're ready for a regimented training schedule and weekly workout plans, but don't need analysis, feedback or customization. 

  • Initial phone Consultation and Assessment
  • Workout plan delivered in 4-week increments via google drive
  • Program is customized based on current exercise routine, available equipment and equipment knowledge, and injury history
  • Monthly email check-in's
  • Note: this plan does not include coaching calls or program updates/changes. 

customized online Coaching


This coaching plan is for the individual who is ready for a completely Customized Fitness Plan tailored specifically to their goals, along with personal coaching support and accountability.

  • Initial phone or Skype Consultation and Assessment
  • Careful evaluation of your past training, injuries, and medical and orthopedic history
  • Movement Screen and Postural Analysis
  • Video Analysis of your technique, movement, or gait when necessary
  • Detailed Training Calendar with adjustments based on your feedback
  • Unlimited program updates and email access
  • Customized Plan delivered in 4-week increments via Trainerize software and app, includes exercise videos
  • Weekly check-in's via email, text or in-app messaging
  • 1x/month 30 minute coaching or video call

customized online Coaching + NUTRITION COUNSELING


This coaching plan is for the individual seeking the highest level of personal attention, interaction, customization and accountability to reach their ultimate potential.

  • Everything included in Level 2 Customized Online Coaching, plus;
  • Nutritional guidance and support
  • 1x/month Nutrition Coaching call

Online training ADD-on's:

Nutritional Analysis, Guidance and Support $200/month

12-Month Nutrition Coaching Program $79/month

Cardiovascular Conditioning Program Design $150/month

30-minute Video Chat Movement Analysis $75