"Kirsten is a great trainer. Very motivating and inspiring to get me working on my goals and making it an enjoyable experience. She knows how to push you to your limits, but also reads you to know when to lighten up. She also provided phenomenal nutritional advice and services. I used her food delivery service and it was fabulous. I would recommend her to anyone looking for both nutritional and physical training."

~Amy J. (Teacher, Consultant, Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, World Traveler)


"Kirsten was a very personable and dedicated trainer who helped my wife and I as we prepared for our wedding to get fit and get in shape for the event of our life. I would recommend Kirsten to anyone looking for an expert in the field of physical fitness and if they want someone who is caring, thoughtful, and easy to work with while still getting the needed results you crave and want."

~Lawrence H. (CFO)


"I have known Kirsten for several years and she has been an excellent coach, trainer and friend. She understands the human dynamic and is able to structure a program that is designed to get the most from you in your workout. Despite being the taskmaster, she is very cool and a pleasure to be around."

~Bradley R. (Managing Partner in Law)


"Have trained with Kirsten for over 5 years. Very knowledgeable about fitness; able to design workouts focused on my specific goals. Understands how to adjust the program in the event of injury. Incredibly personable -- really a pleasure to work with Kirsten. I recommend her highly."

~Jeffrey H. (Managing Director in Investments)


"I have worked with Kirsten for 5 or 6 years. She is a highly skilled fitness coach. I highly recommend her."

~Robert W. (Independent Law Practice Professional)


"Kirsten is an incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable, personable and passionate coach. She has a natural ability to inspire and push her clients to the next level."

~Moises W.  (Entrepreneur)


"Kirsten is an extremely effective personal trainer and yoga teacher who is fantastic at identifying your individual needs and teaching the correct way to exercise in order to get the best results. She is also very knowledgeable about nutrition. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking to improve their fitness."

~Aaron A. (Environmental and Energy Partner)


"Kirsten is an excellent personal trainer and yoga instructor. She listens to her clients to provide the training they need to achieve their personal goals."

~Jeffrey H. (Attorney)


"Kirsten is a true professional who customizes your workout to focus on areas where you want to gain strength. She is positive and insistent on working hard and constantly pushing you to the next level each workout."

~Kristin G. (Wealth Management)


"I have several chronic injuries I'm dealing with, Kirsten adjusts the program to address those injuries. I had lost confidence in my body's ability to perform certain exercises after several months that confidence is returning."

~Rosemary W.