Kirsten McCormick – movement and performance specialist, yoga teacher, nutritionist and personal chef – lives with passion and fervor, which she instills in those she coaches, educates and inspires.

About Kirsten

Kirsten is a wellness expert focused on guiding individuals to discover their healthiest life through nutrition, fitness and a means of constant balance. She lives and breathes movement and wellness into her everyday life...and in turn, into yours.

Throughout her career and constant education she has worked with some of the leading health and wellness experts, celebrities, athletes and wellness companies and prides herself on creating positive environments where people thrive and succeed. Kirsten continues to study the various and growing principles and theories of holistic wellness, gaining a significant appreciation and knowledge for alternative eating lifestyles and dietary theories, movement assessments and screenings and lifestyle/wellness management techniques. Kirsten also works as a master trainer to fellow trainers and coaches.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2005, Kirsten joined Equinox Fitness Clubs and was part of the inaugural team launching the first Tier 4 Coaching Program on the west coast. To further her education, Kirsten received her RYT yoga certification at the American Yoga School in Venice, CA. Her teaching style leans toward a strong, intelligent and athletic Vinyasa Flow; teaching students to practice presence and awareness; encouraging hard work while using the power of observation to know their limits; and always communicating that the process and approach to yoga, and life, is much more meaningful than perfection of the practice.

Having extensively studied anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics, her fitness, nutrition and wellness coaching has evolved into a very mindful and science-based approach that reflects her love of movement, focus on alignment and desire to teach the balance between strength and openness.

Credentials: B.S. Clinical Exercise Science, NSCA – CSCS, ACSM – HFI, Pre/Post Natal, Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research – Biomechanics of Resistance Training and Group Cycling, Kettlebell Athletics I and II, Animal Flow, TRX, Functional Movement Systems, Precision Nutrition, Power Plate, New Leaf and KOR Metabolic Testing, Posture Pro, Trigger Point Therapy, RYT Yoga Alliance

In her words...


Nutrition, food and movement are an integral part of who I am.  My inspiration and passion for healthy living began after tragically losing my father at the age of 17 and it has been through movement, nourishment (in all forms) and finding balance that I was able to begin the healing process. I consider myself an adventurist, yogini, lifestyle and wellness coach, cultivator of community, cocktail enthusiast and lover of all things edible. I choose to help guide and educate the community to enhance their health and wellbeing through a means of constant balance.  I “live” consciously and without regret.  I believe great ingredients speak for themselves and nourish our souls. I push forward each day to gain greater self-awareness and I am constantly learning and constantly growing – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Throughout my years in wellness, I have learned to live this life full of balance and I hope to spread that knowledge to anyone who sees me live my life truthfully: To move our bodies because we love how strong and empowered it makes us feel; To eat amazing, nourishing, sustainable and locally sourced food because it’s good for our planet, good for our souls and fuels our physical movement; To have a practice – yoga or anything else that brings us to life – because it opens our eyes, minds, bodies and hearts to seeing the beauty of life around us and to give us perspective that every moment has its purpose.  And through this balance, we are able to GIVE MORE, EXPECT LESS, EAT WELL and BE HAPPY.

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