Happy. New. Year.

Wow, 2014 flew by faster than the blink of an eye.  So much change, lots of movement, a few shifts in perspective, amazing new connections, a few sad goodbyes and a new zip code (whaaaat?!?!)...yep, but man, life just keeps getting better every day.  All if have to say is: No matter what you do, never stop trying to do it better.  You can apply that to anything you want - your career, your passion, working out, taking care of yourself or your family, finding balance, adventuring, creating relationships, loving....the list goes on.  For me, 2015 is about getting out of my head and into my heart, listening fully and loving deeply. 

Without a doubt, making lifestyle shifts for the damn hard! Those changes have to fit in the context of the REAL LIFE that's happening around us and real life includes kids, busy schedules, holidays, deadlines, stress, heartaches, backaches, injuries, travel, you name it. We live messy, complicated, exciting and adventurous lives.  If we can accept that we don't have to be 'perfect', but just keep trying to better, we can experience shifts and create the life we envision for ourselves.  

Give more. Expect less. Eat well. Be happy.