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Women's Health Week // Mental Wellness

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It’s Women’s Health Week and studies show that while women today are leading healthier lives physically, there are still quite a few missing pieces to the overall picture of health and well-being.

Over 6 days I’m sharing scientifically proven tips on taking charge of your overall health and wellness.


Women wear so many hats these days and often times aren’t getting their own needs met, aren’t taking time for themselves, aren’t able to ask for help, and have a hard time taking a moment to stop, breathe, and share with others what’s going on internally for them.

First off, know that it’s OK to not be OK all the time. It’s absolutely normal, despite the fact that it’s not talked about openly. Thankfully, light is beginning to seep through the cracks on this topic, but it’s still not enough.

I most definitely have bad days and sometimes life just feels so goddamn hard. But that’s the stuff that makes life interesting in my opinion, and the frustrations and struggles, are all the things that make you stronger and help you figure out who and how you’re meant to be in this world.

Wellness is not just the physical exertion we do or the food we put into our bodies, but the personal work we put in daily to better understand who we are and what we need. And while the work itself is your own journey to take, sometimes it takes guidance, an ear to listen, someone to reflect with, or perhaps someone to unintentionally shine light on an area of ourselves we’ve kept hidden in the dark for far too long. As hard as it may be, let that light come in.

My recommendation:

Dive in deep with yourself. Every day. The more you know about yourself, your mind, and your individual behaviors and how to change them, the more likely you are to succeed in being the best version of yourself.

We all need support and outlets. Find what works best for you and seek someone to share openly with… a therapist, a friend, a family member, a ladies group.

Express and bring light to what’s on the inside — the positive, the negative, and the in-between.

Notice your thoughts .. notice your feelings .. notice your behaviors .. ask yourself what you need .. what do you want .. what is your inner voice saying.. what is your inner critic saying .. what drives you .. what holds you back .. what pushes you further .. what calms you .. what keeps you on track .. what makes you choose Y O U ?

And choose you. Make time for the things that fuel you and fill your cup.

“Staying positive doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time. It means that even on hard days, you know that there are better ones coming.”

Love you guys. xx

Day 1 - Hormones. Are. Real.

Day 2 - Nutritional Biohacking

Day 3 - Lift Heavy and Periodize

Day 4 - Pelvic Power

Day 5 - Sleep Specifics


How do you best take care of your mental well-being?

What other adjustments have you made to your lifestyle to support your overall health and wellness? Share your favorite tips in the comments below — others in the community might benefit from your recommendations!

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Running With Forks Venice Beach

I have so many things I want to share with you today!  

I just returned to Seattle from a much anticipated and much delayed trip back down to Venice and all I have to say is, "THANK YOU, VENICE!" You never disappoint.

But, really, that's not alllll I have to say.  You, and by 'you' I mean, your geography, your beauty, your people, your air, your inspiration, your motivation, your yoga, your streets, your juice, your food, oh gosh, your foooood...I've missed you.  You are my people. You are my community. 

Running With Forks Gjusta
Running With Forks Venice Beach

I have always felt that community and support are incredibly important and a huge priority in my own life, but I didn't truly realize how important they really were to me and how important they are for YOU until my recent (well, not so recent anymore) move.  

While transitioning from the little gem of Venice, CA, where I spent 10 years building a life and a community, to my slowly-but-surely growing community in Seattle, WA, I've paid extra-close attention to the goodness that community brings me and how it lights me up and fuels a fire within me. 

Running With Forks and Juicebox LA
Running WIth Forks and Gjusta Granola

This week in Venice was full of the things that make me feel special, important, and sparked my drive for continuing on my path in this world.  We all need to feel that from time to time. It was the little things that I experienced that brought me to grin from ear to ear and tempted me to squeeze every soul I met with. Bumping into familiar faces on the streets and stopping for a good conversation, walking up to the counter at my favorite coffee shop to have my drink already made just the way I like it waiting for me, receiving huge smiles from the servers at my local watering hole as I stroll in like I never left the place, getting waves from strangers as I sat on a stoop drinking my juice, simply because they are happy and the sun is shining, making new connections with people that are honest and good and true, talking growth and life and modern love with new friends and old friends, the warm feeling of practicing with my teachers again and seeing their expression of joy and happiness to have me back, and of course, catching up with dear close friends and getting squeezed so tightly that I didn't ever want them to let go. My heart left full and ready for more and ready to give more.

And it was my reminder that a good community and a good support system are beyond beneficial in helping you achieve your goals in life, to lift you up and to cheer you on, whether that is in your personal life, work life or the balance of happiness. You need those people, always.  

Just like I shared in Number 6 of the '10 Lifestyle Changes for Lasting Health', "Surround yourself with people who boost you up and believe in you.  Plain and simple. Your friends and family should want the best for you and to see you happy. Seek out workout partners with similar goals, someone you can share your journey with and someone to hold you accountable." 

It's so simple.  And it's so true.  Thank you, Venice.  I'll be back.




Running With Forks 10 Lifestlye Changes for Lasting Health MindBodyGreen

Head on over to MindBodyGreen to read my latest post on healthy, lasting lifestyle changes for a better you!

The path to a healthy lifestyle, reaching your goals and making lasting changes has great rewards, but also plenty of obstacles that attempt to steer you off track. 

After years of working with a variety of clientele, as well as pushing myself, I've established a few tips and tricks I give all my clients to help them make a permanent shift to a healthier life. I hope these tools help guide you along the road to becoming your best self as well.

  1. Take a moment and determine what makes you happy...

  2. Set a schedule for your workouts, put them in your weekly calendar and stick to it...

  3. Make deeply restful shut-eye a priority...

  4. Think of food as high quality fuel...

  5. Add weights to lose weight...

  6. Cultivate a support system...

  7. Incorporate radical forgiveness into your life...

  8. Practice santosha...

  9. Ditch self-doubt, stay positive and trust in the universe...

  10. Don't take shortcuts...